Pip Leslie Rowe

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Visual artist, Artisan Maker, Painter & Photographer

I am creatively flexible in my need to express Beauty, to capture the essence of my natural surroundings. Photography is a great medium - Instant capture of those wonderful moments when the wind is visible because of the trees, or the transforming wash of sunlight as it suddenly wakes everything up. My love of texture & colour has been expressed for many years through knitwear design & later felting. Using up materials to create new usable items is also a joy. 

Recently I have taken up the brush! Experimenting with Acrylics and mixed media. I am engrossed in learning new techniques & finding my personal 'style'.

At the end of 2016 I became a facilitator for "The Art Of Allowing", a wonderful process of letting go to the 'Oracle' within. Please visit my website:

www.pipleslie-rowe.weebly.com for more information on the process and the space I am holding to encourage others to discover the artist within which can be a life changing experience.  Most of my paintings have come onto the canvas without prior planning, creating such excitement for me as I witness their 'stories' taking shape.

I continue to experiment & enjoy varied mediums to capture what touches me in the moment.

Please visit my website: self-express.net

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Email pipseed9@hotmail.com
Phone 01743791709
Website http://self-express.weebly.com

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