Disrupted at mac Birmingham.

Disrupted at mac Birmingham.

Disrupted is a group exhibition that has been conceived for mac birmingham to directly respond to, and

interact with, the arts centre venue, the building and its audiences.

The artworks and installations exhibited here invite visitors to encounter the ‘Other’ - that which is differ-

ent and unfamiliar, often remaining unseen in our day to day lives - and to engage with it in a familiar


Curated by Noëmi Lakmaier during her year-long residency at mac, the exhibition, co-commissioned by

mac and DASH explores the sense of awkwardness such encounters can bring, and the unique experi-

ences and unexpected insights that can emerge from them.

Disrupted brings together both established and emerging artists working in the realm of Disability Arts

and in the mainstream. Artists included within the exhibition are Anna Berndtson, Noëmi Lakmaier, the

vacuum cleaner, Anna Smith, Martin O'Brien, Zoe Partington-Sollinger & Andrej Bako.

On show at mac birmingham until Sunday 3rd May!

For more DASH news see their website :http://www.dasharts.org/

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