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John Pointon
Mon 03 June 2019 21:18 #

Artist statement.

Over the last 2 years my focus has been how to examine, interpret and transcribe movement into a 3-dimensional art work. Time is the element that is removed from this equation and what endures is the impression and lines of passage. To portray the dynamics of a ballet dancer or a gymnast by only representing their course of travel through space automatically pushes the artist into the abstract because, unlike a camera shutter, we are unable to freeze an image we see. As Joan Miro succinctly put it ‘What I am seeking…….. is a motionless movement, …’. It can also be noted that the space the athlete performs in has very clear boundaries often square or cube in shape. I then took this space and transposed motion into it pushing it through space by repeating and resizing the form. To disturb the symmetry and to unbalance the dynamics of an art work is a tool that I have employed. This technique can help to lead the viewer, both physically, visually and emotionally over and into the art work and thus generate the feeling of movement. The cubes do not only occupy space they create space. The newly conceived shapes that are generated inhabit fresh unexplored areas previously hidden. The sensation I am exploring for needs to be sinuous, fluent and supple. Curves, twists and bends in and by the forms, that are interlocked and connected, encourages the eyes over, around and through the work. I choose wood as my principal material for 2 reasons. Firstly, its ease of construction and manipulation and secondly because it was once alive and in motion itself. Other factors became evident as the work developed. From a personal perspective there was a satisfaction in the construction process, it was me that made the work being exhibited, my hands were there at every step. I instilled not only a physical effort but also an emotional one too in to the pieces. The pieces being exhibited are not a conclusion to the question of motion and its depiction but only a further stepping stone in the journey.

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