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3 Oct 2017 - 28 Oct 2017

VAN Street Gallery, 18/19 Shoplatch, Shrewsbury. Formed in 2004,ABSTRACT EDGE is a group of artists who have a shared interest in painting in an abstract or semi-abstract way. With a variety of... Read more

Shropshire Art...

7 Oct 2017 - 3 Nov 2017

Our ongoing Exhibition in St Mary's Church for these four weeks will showcase the work of Mary Buckle, Anne Linton and Val Littlehales. The Exhibition is open from 10 am to 4 pm daily, excluding... Read more

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Rosie Read

Mixed media artist Rosie Read currently has a gallery stall in the Market Hall Shrewsbury where she creates a wonderful array of art. Watercolours, inks, collage, papier mache and a host of intriguing items.

Puppets created

Leona Thomas has been inspired to make these puppet characters using traditional papier mache methods of construction. She rekindled her fondness of puppets having recently come across puppets made by the artist Paul Klee.   He had made his to amuse his children grandchildren.  With their rawness and individuality Leona was struck by the fact that they seemed to break through preconceptions of what a puppet should be. She set about making these characters that can be used for a variety of story plots.  The puppets are on show at the VAN Street Gallery, Shrewsbury with further information about the inspiration behind them.

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