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19 Sep 2016 - 2 Oct 2016

Elsewhere is an exhibition of artwork by Shropshire based artists Emily Wilkinson and Sam Brett-Atkin. Through interpreting personal experiences of place, the works promise to take you, as the title implies,... Read more

Language of Art

4 Oct 2016 - 29 Oct 2016

VAN Gallery exhibition, Market Hall, Shrewsbury, presented by Art International Group. Celebrating new cultural alliances between UK and Russian artists from the Group. Private View Sat 8 Oct 12 - 3pm Read more

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Phill Evans - Extreme Doodling.  Initially from necessity due to illness, Phill has, over many years, developed a simple style of doodling and has recently produced a self published book entitled An Extreme Colouring Book for Extreme Colourists.  Popularity and awareness of colouring in as a beneficial activity to relieve stress is rapidly growing. Copies of this amazing book are on sale at VAN Gallery, Market Hall Shrewsbury.

'Whilst looking immediately rather complex and detailed, even a few moments examination will show that the technique is very simple. I recognise everyone doodles differently, we all have a range of shapes and squiggles which turn up over and over again in the margins by the crossword or as evidence of a dull meeting, what I do is to pull my own together to develop a visual texture. Here then, in short, is the secret of Extreme Doodling (which is in no way extreme...)'

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Solo Success

Congratulations to Stephen Law for his hugely successful  solo exhibition 'Versatility' at the VAN Gallery, Market Hall Shrewsbury.  It attracted many new visitors to the Gallery and many of the works were sold.   Exhibitions coordinator Sheila Walthew was delighted with the response.

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Featured Artist
Steve Vicary 
Painting is a vehicle for exploration. Through painting, you can explore and experience your concerns and passions. It can deliver a degree of subjectivity and sensual pleasure that no other imaging technology can match. You can take risks again and again. It is an immediate and direct form of personal expression.

There are lots of ways to paint and are lots of rules on how and what to paint but there are more ways of breaking those rules and that makes the process exciting. It's challenging and a joy.

Abstract Art or paintings with an abstract element is more than a haphazard mess flung onto canvas. The creativity within these works of art is meant to turn heads and illicit new imaginations within the viewer. In most circumstances, Abstract Art is filled with exciting colours and these stimulating elements are what make it one of the most favoured forms of art collected today. But a strong piece of art, whether it's figurative or non figurative, has the ability to grab your attention and pull an emotional response from within you. This is the artist's plan to keep your mind thinking and analyzing and to keep your eyes moving throughout the painting.

Painting is intoxicating. Painting is a passion. Painting is a delight. Painting is an obsession.

When asked why he painted Matisse replied; "to translate my emotions, my feelings, and the reactions of my sensibility into colour and design.... [Artists are] useful because they can augment colour and design through the richness of their imagination intensified by their emotion and their reflection on the beauties of nature, just as poets or musicians do."

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