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3 Aug 2016 - 3 Sep 2016

VAN Gallery, Market Hall,  Shrewsbury.  Colourful exhibition of paintings by Bogdanel Antochi and Gill Scriven. Read more

Shropshire Art...

13 Aug 2016 - 9 Sep 2016

Our ongoing Exhibition in St Mary's Church for the next four weeks will showcase the work of Tony and Di Purser. The Exhibition is open from 10 am to 4 pm daily, excluding Sundays. Read more

Summer exhibition

21 Aug 2016 - 3 Sep 2016

My summer exhibition with guest artists Christopher Madeley and Lena Jarl Churm at The Bear Steps Gallery, St Alkmund's Place, Shrewsbury. Read more

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Pauline Furnival

Born in Manchester, Pauline has recently returned to the UK after spending many years in Portugal and Brasil, where she had successfully exhibited her work. She currently lives in North Shropshire.   Many of her paintings are abstract and  inspired by natural rock, granites and marble.  She has recently experimented with high gloss resin finishes, that add an appealing reflective quality.

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Phill Evans - Extreme Doodling.  Initially from necessity due to illness, Phill has, over many years, developed a simple style of doodling and has recently produced a self published book entitled An Extreme Colouring Book for Extreme Colourists.  Popularity and awareness of colouring in as a beneficial activity to relieve stress is rapidly growing. Copies of this amazing book are on sale at VAN Gallery, Market Hall Shrewsbury.

'Whilst looking immediately rather complex and detailed, even a few moments examination will show that the technique is very simple. I recognise everyone doodles differently, we all have a range of shapes and squiggles which turn up over and over again in the margins by the crossword or as evidence of a dull meeting, what I do is to pull my own together to develop a visual texture. Here then, in short, is the secret of Extreme Doodling (which is in no way extreme...)'

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