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Further Fusing...

1 Apr 2022 - 1 Dec 2022

Workshops from half day upwards for those wanting to learn more and create more! Small groups; 2-4 persons at my studio.Various dates to suit - just call or email. All materials, use of equipment, kiln... Read more

Shrewsbury Arts...

1 Jul 2022 - 31 Aug 2022

Be Inspired this summer: 16 different participating venues, local artists exhibiting alongside big names in the Museum and Art Gallery, Andrew Logan Sculpture Trail, Children's Treasure Trail, Glass Festival... Read more

Blooming Lovely

9 Aug 2022 - 25 Sep 2022

What does Blooming Lovely mean to you? Come and see how our members interpret that phrase. Read more

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Ideas and Inspirations

Not being able to go to the pottery to fire my ceramics - I was inspired to try my hand at papier-mâché! I wanted to create something 'quirky' and colourful during these dark times! The idea is to bring a smile to anyone who sees them! I hope they will brighten your day. 

Lindley Fallon

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Daily Sketches

Ideas and Inspirations

During the first lockdown I found it very difficult to settle to any creative work apart from knitting. I was determined to knuckle down in the second lockdown in November, so set myself the goal of drawing every day. Although some days it was the last thing I felt like doing, once I got cracking I never regretted it. I drew anything and everything, and I’ve selected some of my favourites that fell into a theme of the everyday to share. I managed at least one drawing a day from 5 November to well after Christmas, and would recommend it as a way of easing out of a creative block. 

Helen Sample

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Enamel Painting

Ideas and Inspirations

In the first lockdown I had to isolate, and at first found it difficult to motivate myself to be creative. So to occupy myself I decided I would enrol on an Online Enamel Painting course with Gillie Hoyte-Byrom, who I know from being a member of the Guild of Enamelling.

There were 10 different painting projects, using painting enamels, different mediums and techniques. The beauty of the course was the ability to work at your own pace and the structure of the preparation needed before you even started painting. The picture is a painting enamel fired in pre-coated steel blanks.


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