Exhibiting Work 

Member artists / makers can exhibit their work in the following ways:

Themed Exhibitions and General Work - exhibitions in the gallery are changed roughly every six weeks. Members can submit work for a themed exhibition. As space is limited we have to restrict the number of submissions from each artist / maker. The area at the rear of the gallery is reserved for work that fits the current theme. 

General members' work, which is not part of the current themed exhibition, is always on display on the walls, plinths, tables and cabinets towards the front of the gallery.

There is no fee for exhibiting work in this way. Commission on sales through the gallery is charged at 30%, or 25% for regular volunteers.

Artists' Boards - members can rent an Artists' Board for the same period as a themed exhibition for a fee of £20. The boards are roughly 8ft x 4ft and we have three available for hire at any one time. Members are able to curate their own work on their board provided that the work complies with our terms and conditions and policies. We maintain a waiting list for the boards and notify members when one becomes available for them. Commission on sales is the same as with themed exhibitions and general work.

Artists' Profiles - members can also exhibit their work by uploading images to their profile page which comes as part of their membership.

Rear Gallery View

Front Gallery View

Full terms and conditions available contact: admin@visualartnetwork.org.uk