Trustee Management Committee and VAN Working Groups

Management Committee

The Management Committee of Trustees administer and manage VAN.

Working Groups

These groups manage the day to day activities and the core areas of the charity.  They are where members can share ideas, participate in discussions and decide on matters that shape the programmme of events. Volunteering a little of your time here is a good starting point.

The groups are made up of a mixture of Trustees, members and co-opted members or Friends. Regular meetings are neceassary to ensure the smooth running of the charity and reports from each Working Group are presented to The Board of Trustees quarterly.

The Working Groups are as follows:

  • VAN Admin - The Electronic Data Stream & Paper Trail of VAN
  • VAN Membership and Volunteers - This is VAN
  • VAN Funding - Keeping VAN working
  • VAN Exhibitions - Promoting the Visual Arts in The Market Place
  • VAN Networking - A Forum for the Visual Arts
  • VAN Edu - Positive Educational Experiences
  • VAN Gallery Shrewsbury  - A Showcase for Member's work a Host for VAN Exhibitions
  • VAN Web - Visual Art Networking in Virtual Reality
  • VAN Marketing and PR - Fresh ideas and forward thinking