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Telford and Wrekin


My name is Iryna Polianska. I'm happy that you came to see my profile :)

I hope that my works will bring you pleasant emotions, peace, and allow you to rest your soul.

I was born and lived in Ukraine, and have been living in England for the last two years. I had repeatedly participated in various exhibitions in my country and abroad. My paintings are in many private collections in Ukraine and other countries.

Since childhood, I only wanted to draw, and at that time I drew everywhere - walls, wallpaper, books, notebooks, albums served as my canvas. I studied painting from my father, who had an artistic education. Now I mainly work in the technique of oil painting on canvas. I paint only in a good mood and never approach the easel without a special mood. I'm sure this has a positive effect on the energy of the paintings.

My works are created with awareness of the present moment. From this moment the work begins - a series of spots and strokes. There are no mistakes, and every movement is part of an organic dance. The colours, paints, strokes and shapes all have meaning. These meanings create a visual language - a dialogue between the artist and the viewer.

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