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Glass Artist

I design and make studio glass at Fusing Ideas Glass, where myworkshop, on the edge of the Shropshire Hills, is open by appointment whenever I am there.

Inspiration is all around me: Perhaps in the hedgerows; the bark of a tree, perfect petal formation or a skeleton seed head. Perhaps in some interesting brickwork in the made environment, ancient plasterwork or modern architectural steelwork. The play of sunlight through water or the microscopic growth of crystals in rock formations. Not to mention a world full of art in all its forms and media; its all fascinating. 

And I’ve inherited a love of numbers, balance and order from my Mum; one of Bletchley Park’s merry band.

This sums up my design aesthetic; ordered, balanced, often complex, sometimes regimented and usually colourful. Eclectic, experimental, individual & abstract. 

Like Marmite, you will love it or hate it!

I’m fascinated by the fact that we all see colours differently. With the unique way glass transmits, refracts and reflects light, the shades & tones become infinite and nature shows us there is no right or wrong combination – only what we like or don’t like! 

So I hope you like Marmite!

My body of work is growing in strength & reputation and has now found its way to foreign parts.

I have also discovered I like teaching!
Passing on the passion for glass in my workshops is a joy. I run classes for beginners & intermediates, right up to 5 day, bespoke 'immersions', at my studio and attract students from near & far (Jerusalem). Details can be found on my website.

Please find Jill's contact details below. Alternatively, use the email form below to send a message.

Email jill@fusingideas.co.uk
Phone 01743 891143
Website http://www.fusingideas.com
Social Networks Facebook Twitter

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