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Painter, VENUE & Visual artist

The map is not the territory

Ackowledging that there is a difference between seeing and reality and that as emotionally experiencing human beings we see the world the world out there, through the filter of our lifes experiences. I paint emotional reflections both on the lanscape and on the faces of people I paint.

I am a contempory landscape and portrait painter. I tarined over 35 years ago at Falmouth School of Art. I have exhibited throughout the UK having completed a degree, post graduate degree and masters in art psychotherapy. I also currently work as a qualified psychotherapist being privledged to have witnessed and helped many people understand their inner distress.

I commonly work in traditional oils on canvas, and draw using pastels, graphite and charcoal. I love working from life with a breathing person in front of me or when immersed in a landscape. Although based on observing reality my work also connects to an expressive and gestural exploration. Often in the creative process the story behind the art work develops and the work moves towards this enquiry. 

I believe that painting for me is a form of enquiry into reflecting on inner reflections.

I have a number of paintings on sale, please visit my online shop at:

you can also tweet me at:

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20 September 2019 10:00 - 29 September 2019 16:00

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