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Painter & Illustrator

I am a self-taught artist who lives in Shrewsbury and has sketched and painted since childhood. Although a Wulfrunian by birth I have spent most of my adult life in Shropshire where the countryside is a major inspiration for me. It is where I like to go on long walks in all seasons of the year. I also like coastlines which Shropshire sadly lacks, but I appreciate them more when I get chance to visit the Welsh coast. I also like photography and there is plenty to photograph in Shropshire.

I paint mainly in oils as I like the control and intensity of the colours, I have also worked with water colours and mixed media. I like to challenge myself to paint difficult subjects, trying to create three dimensional objects on a flat surface, attempting to capture the atmosphere of the sky, the colour of grass or rusty iron. I also like to try out a variety of styles and surfaces to paint on.

I have had several of my works over the years in exhibitions in Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

I also juggle my full-time work in consultancy with home life with my partner and daughter.

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