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West Midlands

Ceramicist/potter, Jeweller & Painter

Pottery has always been a passion of mine, but it was only in early 2015, after a period of work related stress, that I decided to follow this path. There are challenges in my making that have shaped the way I work. Each pot travels almost 9 miles to the kiln, nestled securely in a bed of wood shavings. This has led to me once firing my work, glazing green ware to minimise trips to the kiln and reducing my carbon footprint. In an attempt to further reduce my carbon footprint I have chosen to fire my work to earthenware temperatures. As my work is purely decorative this lower temperature has no impact on the functionality of my work.

My studio is my small, spare bedroom, with all of my clay, glazes, and packaging tucked neatly in whatever gap I can find. This lack of space means that making my own glazes is not possible. So again I sought to find a way to create something unique, working within the bounds placed on me by lack of space. I started experimenting with bought glazes, mixing and layering to create glazes that are memorable and unique.

My rock pools are inspire by the beaches of Wales and Cornwall. My other work is inspired by the textures and colours of the natural world that surround us.

You can find more information about my work on my website. You can also follow me on Facebook by searching for Jennifer Corfield Ceramics or Jennifer Corfield Jewellery

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