Peter Fricker

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Glass Artist

Colour is a central feature of my glasswork, rich base colours with added trails, cane and shards contributing to the designs. Each piece is handmade in Stourbridge Glassblowing Studio. The making process creates flowing movement in frozen time, relationships of colour, form and texture, like those found in an abstract painting. Gradually refining his skills in shaping the glass is also important in providing a sculptural framework for the design. The interplay of form and design may result in a vessel that is as organic as the landscape or geology that inspired it. The magical medium of glass constantly asserts itself, introducing distortion, refraction and reflection. Surprises are ever present and lend to the uniqueness of each piece.

I studied at the prestigious International Glass Centre in Brierley Hill from 2007 and then part-time until its closure in 2009. An initial interest in stained glass and painting gradually gave way to a fascination with hot glass. Towards the end of 2010 I jointly founded Stourbridge Glassblowing Studio in the refurbished Ruskin Glass Centre in Amblecote, Stourbridge, where I continue to develop my skills.

Hot glass is a medium that continually fascinates, and I am privileged to be able to learn and experiment in the studio that we operate as a collective. It is gratifying that others are now enjoying the results of my fascination with studio glass.

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